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Rebalancing of the Index

Thematic Fit

AMKT is intended to be a benchmark of innovation in decentralized systems that are enabled by advances in cryptography and/or mechanism design. Innovation in decentralization, cryptography, or mechanism design are the metrics for inclusion by thematic fit. For that reason, inclusion cannot be based on things such as (but not limited to) the mere existence of a tokenized representation of something on a blockchain whose value is mostly unrelated to these types of innovation, or assets that are primarily affiliated with political causes or personal beliefs.
A non-exhaustive list of assets that fail this criterion are stablecoins, tokenized derivatives, synthetic assets, tokens that are tied to physical assets, tokens that represent claims on other tokens, etc.

Implementation Considerations

While there might be a very large list of assets that have a thematic fit, pragmatic considerations limit the number of assets that can be included in the index. One such consideration is low trading volume of the asset under consideration.

Regulatory Compliance

An asset cannot be found to be in violation of law following a judicial or other final government proceeding, either in the jurisdiction in which the asset was issued, or a jurisdiction where a relevant party in the AMKT network is located. This helps ensure AMKT DAO is compliant with local regulations and mitigates regulatory scrutiny that could threaten the continuity of AMKT DAO and AMKT.

Non-discretionary Methodology

No set of actors should seek to influence the set of assets included in the AMKT index or the constituent weighting on the basis of any measure not set forth in the community-approved methodology.
Once a list of assets has been decided upon according to the asset inclusion criteria in this constitution, they must be weighted.