Governance Multi-Sig

The Governance Multi-Sig represents and acts on behalf of the AMKT DAO, and is responsible for implementing changes to the AMKT network on behalf of the DAO. The Governance Multi-Sig is currently composed of eight (8) members, and has a 4 of 8 structure required before any changes can be implemented. The Governance Multi-Sig currently has the following capabilities:

  • Pause new minting of AMKT;

  • Exercise an emergency veto of a proposal that has passed with a majority of AMKT votes;

  • Implement proposals from the AMKT Security Council;

  • Implement governance-approved changes to the AMKT smart contract;

  • Calculate new asset weightings for purposes of the quarterly rebalance and propose those calculations to the AMKT holders for a governance vote;

AMKT holders can propose changes to the Governance Multi-Sig (such as the composition of its members, the number of its members, or its role in the AMKT network).

The purpose of the Governance Multi-Sig is to help administer the AMKT network through the AMKT smart contracts in a manner that reflects the will of AMKT holders, as expressed through the governance process, and the best interests of the AMKT network. For that reason, some of the capabilities described above (such as the ability to pause minting of AMKT, or the ability to exercise an emergency veto of a governance-approved change) are only intended to occur in exigent circumstances when, in the judgment of the Governance Multi-Sig, such action is in the best interests of the AMKT network. These safeguards are designed to prevent governance attacks or other attacks on the AMKT network by malicious actors.

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