AMKT is always backed 1:1 with its constituents. AMKT's objective is to give index token holders the peace of mind that the index is always backed by the assets it claims to represent - the contents of custodial accounts are published in real-time. A real time dashboard of reserves backing AMKT can be found at the AMKT Reserves page.
  • At the beginning of the month during rebalance and re-weighting, the accounts may appear momentarily under-collateralized. This is normal - as the index adjusts its methodology, assets must be transferred into and out of the vaults.
  • AMKT relies on both hot and cold wallets. Discreet cold addresses can be directly verified by users.
In addition, AMKT uses the chainlink-proof-of-reserves off-chain decentralized oracle network to offer an independent attestation of reserves backing the index.