Step 1: AMKT Asset Universe

The construction of the AMKT asset universe is the first step in the creation of the benchmark and its subsequent implementation.

AMKT Asset Universe

AMKT assets are assets tied to innovation in decentralized systems that are enabled by advances in cryptography and/or mechanism design. Because innovations in decentralization, cryptography, or mechanism design are the only valid metrics for inclusion, inclusion cannot be based on things such as (but not limited to) the mere existence of a tokenized representation of something on a blockchain whose value is mostly unrelated to these types of innovation or affiliation with political causes/personal beliefs.
The following is a non-exhaustive list of ineligible assets that definitively fail this criterion.
  • Reserve Assets; such as,
    • RWA tokens - tokens that are backed by physical assets (e.g. Centrifuge);
    • Tokenized derivative tokens (e.g. ETH 2x FLI);
    • Tokens that represent claims on or over other tokens (e.g. BONE, BitDAO, index tokens).
    • Treasury-backed tokens (e.g. Ohm, TIME);
    • Synthetic tokens (e.g. sADA);
  • Stablecoins (e.g. USDC, USDT, DAI);
  • Wrapped tokens (e.g. WBTC);
AMKT Token holders and Stewards jointly determine which assets are eligible for inclusion. The process for changing the AMKT Asset Universe construction criteria is defined in the Asset Universe Update Process.
A link to the AMKT Asset Universe can be found here.